Orlando Ceramic Coating Services at Classic Details Auto Spa, FL

Protect and enhance your vehicle with top-notch ceramic car coating services in Orlando, Florida, provided by Classic Details Auto Spa, the best choice for ‘ceramic coating near me. Our hydrophobic ceramic coatings shield your car’s paint from UV rays and environmental contaminants, making it simpler to maintain and improving its appearance. Our services are especially beneficial for cars exposed to saltwater in Orlando’s coastal areas.

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Benefits of Orlando Ceramic Coating for Vehicles

Orlando’s coastal environment exposes your car to saltwater, UV rays, and contaminants. Our ceramic coatings provide lasting protection and make it easier to maintain, while also enhancing your car’s appearance.

Ceramic Coating Process at Classic Details Auto Spa in Orlando

Our skilled technicians follow a meticulous process to deliver the best Orlando ceramic coating results for your vehicle.

To maintain the quality and longevity of your ceramic coating, follow these tips

To ensure the longevity and quality of your ceramic coating, we recommend following these maintenance tips

What Sets SB3 Ceramic Coatings Apart?


Easier Maintenance

The slick surface prevents dirt, brake dust, and tar from sticking to your paint, wheels, or glass, reducing the need for frequent washing and eliminating the need for waxing.


The nanotechnology fills the smallest pores in the paint, creating a shiny, smooth, and extremely slick surface that repels water and preserves your vehicle's paint.


Once an SB3 coating is applied you will never need to wax again. Cleaning your vehicle’s paint is as easy as maintain as your glass/windshield. No need for abrasive washes or any waxes/sealants.

9H Hardness

Once cured SB3 coatings have a hardness above 9H, significantly higher than the 2H to 4H hardness of standard clear coats. SB3 Trinity boasts an impressive 10H hardness.

Choose the duration of protection you desire


Cars $1050

SUV $1,150 | XL SUV $1,250 | Trucks $1,350


Cars $1,250

SUV $1,350 | XL SUV $1,450 | Trucks $1,550


Cars $1,450

SUV $1,550 | XL SUV $1,650.00 | Trucks $1,750.00

Additional Coating Options

We aim to protect every surface of your vehicle with our ceramic coating Orlando services, offering coatings specifically designed for your car’s interior and exterior surfaces, including glass, leather, wheels, and calipers.

Glass Coatings

RainX doesn’t stand a chance against our professional glass coatings.

Leather Coatings

Protect your leather from dye-transfer, cracking, & more with our leather coating.

Wheel & caliper coatings

This coating will make cleaning your wheels & calipers a breeze!


Industry-Leading Motorcycle Ceramic Coatings

Introducing Moto Coating by SB3 Coatings. Moto Coating is a high solid 3 year coating backed by a third party warranty and only available to exclusive installers. This proprietary formula promotes extreme durability with unsurpassed hydrophobic self cleaning capabilities. With a superior hardness, its protective barrier will aide against everyday harsh environmental contaminants that deteriorates your Motorcycle. Moto was designed with a temperature rating. It is applied to all surfaces of the motorcycle.



Client Reviews

Read verified reviews from our satisfied customers and see why Classic Details Auto Spa is the top choice for ceramic coating services in Orlando, FL.

Jacki Orlando
Jacki Orlando
Did a great job on ceramic coating two of our vehicles. Will definitely book again for any future vehicles we purchase!
Lane Berg
Lane Berg
Truck looks better than it did the day I got it. Tony and his team did an amazing job. I got a response instantly when I asked for an estimate. Talked me through what he was going to do and made great recommendations. Some of the best communication and customer service I have ever received. Will be a long term customer of his!
Sherry N
Sherry N
My year old Mazda, looked like it did when I drove it off the car lot one year ago. All scratches, were buffed out. It is beautiful!
Dina Szabo
Dina Szabo
Tony did an amazing job with our Tesla Model Y. We brought the car straight there after delivery. This is the best place to take your car for ceramic coating. We are very happy with the result.
Yvonne Lopez-Diaz
Yvonne Lopez-Diaz
I took my vehicle to Tony at Classic Auto Spa and was 100% pleased with how my car turned out. Tony carefully took the time to explain the entire procedure to me and remained in touch before and during the process. I was amazed at how my vehicle looked when I went to pick it up. I would highly recommend them for all your auto detailing needs. Tony and his team are top notch !!!
Jorge Rivera
Jorge Rivera
Tony did my 2022 M3. Full front PPF + Ceramic on full exterior and interior. He truly is a master at his craft and left the car better than when I picked it up. Extremely knowledgeable and professional about his craft. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a top quality professional job to make an appointment with Classic Details Auto Spa.On a side note I had a small issue, unrelated to any of Tony's work, and he went out of his way to fix it and take care of it just like new. He wanted to do this free of charge but don't be that guy, pay the man for what he's worth. Every vehicle I own will come to this shop moving forward.
Tommy Bollhofer
Tommy Bollhofer
I took my Audi A4 to Tony to have a ceramic coating installed. His attention to detail is remarkable. Tony did an AMAZING job and I couldn't be happier with the results. Thanks again!!!
David Reed
David Reed
Contacted Tony about getting a partial front PPF, ceramic coating, and seats, doors, dash cleaned and coated. We kept in contact while waiting for my car to be built. Once it was built and ready, I called Tony. He was going on vacation the following week, but knowing its best to get these services done ASAP, we brought it in the next day and he worked over the weekend. He was very professional and knows what he is doing.


Ceramic coating can last up to 7 years with proper maintenance.

Ceramic coating has many benefits for your vehicle. It can help protect your car’s paint from UV rays, oxidation, and environmental contaminants such as acid rain and bird droppings. Ceramic coating is also hydrophobic, meaning it repels water and helps prevent water spots from forming on your vehicle. In addition, it can make cleaning your car easier and provide a longer-lasting shine than traditional wax. Overall, ceramic coating can help keep your car looking great and protect it from damage.


We do not recommend applying ceramic coating yourself, as it requires specialized tools and techniques.

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