Everything you need to know about Tesla Ceramic coating!

Tesla’s – Modern electric vehicle – is being chosen by Florida citizens more and more. 

For Tesla owners, they want to keep their top coat in the best condition possible. Although there are different options for Tesla paint protection, ceramic coating for tesla’s paint is one of the best options available. 

Let’s read what Classic Details Auto Spa says about Everything you need to know about Tesla Ceramic coating!

the best tesla ceramic coating service in Sanford, FL and around Orlando, FL - Classic Detail Auto Spa

Ceramic coating: What is it?

To understand ceramic coating, it is interesting to investigate the most common automotive paint protection products.

  • Wax is both natural and inexpensive. It comes in various forms, from a traditional paste to a convenient spray.
  • Sealant is made from synthetic materials designed to last a few months. It is simple to use and provides the same effect as wax, but sealant typically does not give the same deep shine.
  • Ceramic coating is better then both options, especially for your Tesla paint as all tesla owners know the paint needs the extra protection from the daily environmental hazards.

Ceramic coating is a product applied to the exterior of a Tesla to shield it from the elements. The silica-based liquid polymer is applied by hand and hardens into a protective layer that can last several years if maintained properly. 

Tesla owners, over other options, prefer ceramic coatings because it provides long-lasting protection. A ceramic coating is a hard shell that prevents water spots, road grime, bird droppings, tree sap, and other substances from damaging the paint.

Do Tesla have non stick paint?

Tesla do not have non-stick paint. There is no difference between the paint on Tesla and the paint on other cars. However, It is said that Tesla use a unique clear coat that makes the paint more resistant to damage from ultraviolet rays and simpler to clean.  

Should I use ceramic coating for my Tesla? 

Regardless of your Tesla, its value decreases over time. One of the primary reasons for this is its appearance. Your Tesla, even Tesla Model X, Y, S or Tesla Model 3, is vulnerable to paint chips, scratches, and other forms of esthetic damage due to exposure to the elements and road debris.

Protecting your Tesla’s body and its paint requires more than just a wash and wax. Ceramic coating works by covering the paint in a chemical bond that is semi-permanent. 

the best tesla ceramic coating in Sanford, FL and around Orlando, FL - Classic Detail Auto Spa

What are the Pros & Cons of Ceramic Coatings for Tesla’s?

Tesla Ceramic Coating Advantages

There are several reasons why ceramic coating is becoming more popular to protect your Tesla’s paint. Understanding what it can do for your vehicle helps you decide if it’s worth it.

  • Ceramic coating is transparent and improves the paint’s reflective properties. This creates a glossy appearance and adds depth and clarity to the factory paint.
  • Ceramic coating provides ultraviolet light protection. This protects you and your passengers from conditions such as skin cancer from UV rays. It also protects the Tesla paint on your vehicle by preventing oxidation and acid rain. 
  • The liquid polymer in ceramic coating makes the paint on your Tesla hydrophobic or water-repellent. This allows mud and grime to slide off easily while making washing and maintaining much easier.
  • Nano-ceramic coating lasts significantly longer than the average time of was which is only a couple of weeks. Due to its sturdy layer of protection, it is more resistant to environmental damage. 
  • Professional services from Classic Details Auto Spa come with warranties. We will replace or repair the coating to make it appear as good as new if any problem arise.

Tesla Ceramic Coating Disadvantages

Not every Tesla must have a ceramic coating. Knowing the process’s potential drawbacks enables you to determine if it is the best option for you. Tesla Ceramic coating’s disadvantages include the possibility of scratches, high costs, and the requirement for professional installation.

  • Making the materials for ceramic coating is hard because they have to be exact for the coating to work as a barrier. This, along with growing demand, makes prices go up.
  • Applying a ceramic coating for Tesla is also time-consuming and challenging. There are DIY kits you can use at home, but they vary in quality and usually don’t work as well as you’d like. The best results necessitate professional assistance, which requires additional time and money.

Other potential disadvantages may exist, but all the benefits of Tesla ceramic coating outweigh them. Consider all the factors in determining if they can help you maintain the appearance and the outlook of your Tesla for as long as possible.

expert tesla ceramic coating service in Sanford, FL and around Orlando, FL - Classic Detail Auto Spa

How much is ceramic coating for a Tesla?

This is not an easy question to answer because ceramic coating Tesla cost is dependent on numerous factors. Here are the top 3 most frequent ones:

  1. Tesla condition: New Tesla are typically less expensive because they require less maintenance and process.
  2. Tesla Model: This is important because it will affect how much ceramic coating is needed and how much surface area of Tesla paint needs to be polished or corrected and ceramic coating applied.
  3. Tesla color: Not because dark Tesla have a different clear coat, but because defects are easier to see.

At Classic Details Auto Spa, the price of Tesla ceramic coating depends on:

The size of the vehicle (Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X or Tesla Model 3) and years of warranty (1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 7 years).

Expert Tesla ceramic coating in Sanford, Fl, and around Orlando, FL

Suppose you are in Sanford, FL, or around Orlando, FL, and looking for “Tesla Ceramic coating near me” then Classic Details Auto Spa has a team of expert detailers who are very knowledgeable about your Tesla. We only use the best products to ensure that your Tesla ceramic coating looks gorgeous. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the services we provide.

Taking the proper steps with your Tesla ceramic coating will improve the appearance of your vehicle over time. Classic Details Auto Spa in Sanford, FL is the best place to go. Please contact us at (540) 385-7100 and schedule an appointment with us right away! 

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