Superior Tesla Paint Protection Film At Classic Details Auto Spa In Sanford, FL.

When driving on the road, there is unavoidable environmental factors like salt, tree sap, bird droppings, and other harmful elements. Paint Protection Film is vital to keep your Tesla in the best possible condition! PPF at Classic Details Auto Spa in Sanford, FL, will preserve your Tesla better than anything else on the market!



What Is Tesla Paint Protection Film (Tesla PPF)?

Tesla Paint Protection Film (sometimes referred to as PPF and clear bra) is a thermoplastic urethane film that is applied on the painted surfaces of a vehicle. It is the most thorough defense you can have between your Tesla paint and anything that might harm its beauty. Due to the strong impact resistance of the PPF, its application will protect your paint from chips, swirl marks, scratches, and minor abrasions resulting from stones, road debris, vandalism, and improper cleaning procedures.

Tesla paint protection film is good for protecting the car’s appearance! But what are the benefits of PPF for a Tesla and there owners

Stain Resistant

PPF for Tesla prevents the vehicle from harmful toxic agents. In addition, it resists deterioration caused by bird droppings, acid rain, or tree sap. Paint protection film maintains its appearance for longer.

Against Fading From UV Rays

Exposure to the number of UV rays may cause fading, leaving your paintwork appearing drab and uninspired. PPF reduces fading by shielding UV rays because of its unique chemical properties. Automobile paint is protected with a protective shield against slow impact damage, scratches, and chipping.

Invisible Protection

When we apply paint protection film to a Tesla, the transparent films are almost unnoticeable until a person carefully examines the vehicle. In addition, this invisible protection is entirely undetectable and provides your Tesla with a great look.

A Lifetime Guarantee

To maintain and boost the value of your car, paint protection film for Tesla that is guaranteed to resist peeling and fading. The design of the paint protection layer is intended to last up to ten years. When properly applied, it does not affect the underlying paint, and removing it does not impair your car's finish.

Self-Healing Of Surface Scratches

With self healing of Tesla paint protection film, it avoids deterioration with a urethane covering resistant to scratches. When your Tesla is exposed to heat, the self-healing paint protection film can self-heal minor swirl marks. This is the best form of paint protection to keep your vehicle looking its best.


Client Reviews

Don’t take our word for it, here a few verified reviews from our happy clients.

Brought my Camaro in to get a 5 year ceramic coating and Tony did an amazing job. He knew I was on a tight time schedule and he got it done. Will be recommending to anyone looking to have their car or bike detailed or ceramic coated.

David “Nander8” Enander Verified Google Review

Unbelievable is what will come out of your mouth when you pick your jaw up off the ground! I don't how it's possible but, it actually looks better than the when it was in the showroom! Tony the owner is knowledgeable and explains every step in detail! This is the best investment I've made since buying my house! Tony has been detailing cars for many years and it shows in his work.

Mike Laas Verified Google Review

From beginning to end, Tony was very professional. I took my new Stinger for Ceramic Coating and Tony did an amazing job. My Stinger looks amazing!

Mario Villalobos Verified Google Review
    How much protection do you want?


    • Headlights & Tail Lights
    • All Painted Surfaces
    • All Exterior Painted Edges Wrapped Where Applicable.


    • Full Front
    • Pillars
    • Rockers


    • Full Bumper
    • Full Fenders
    • Full Hood
    • Headlights & Mirrors


    • Full Bumper
    • Headlights & Mirrors
    • 12-24″ Up Hood & Fenders


    PPF is an outer layer that absorbs the wear and tear caused by road debris minor scratches UV rays etc. Therefore, lifetime will be based on the use of the car and the owner’s maintenance schedule. PPF on a garage-kept Tesla with limited interstate usage may last a minimum of ten years if properly maintained. In comparison, the PPF of a more heavily used Tesla may need to be changed in three to five years if the owner does not appreciate the symptoms of degradation.

    PPF is well suited for brand-new Teslas. The longer one waits to apply PPF, the greater the likelihood that the original paint may be destroyed. PPF will not repair damaged paint on a car, it will only prevent further damage.
    Before cleaning your Tesla that has just had PPF applied, we suggest waiting seven days. The PPF is unaffected by rainwater, however we want to ensure the PPF is completely bonded to the paintwork before we put a high pressure washer on it. Our paint protection films include hydrophobic properties that help with cleaning and maintaining your Tesla.
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