Can We Apply Wax Over Ceramic Coating?

Daily, our automobile’s paint is exposed to many environmental variables that might cause damage to the original paintwork. Therefore, we need a way to preserve the paint on our automobiles. Ceramic coating and wax serve as a barrier of protection for your automobile. But can wax be applied to ceramic coating? Are ceramic coating and wax advantageous for your vehicle? Read this post from Classic Details Auto Spa to discover the answer!

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Can wax be applied to a ceramic coating?

Just to set the record straight, it’s going to cause far more issues than solutions. Routine cleaning, garage storage, and applying a high-grade SiO2 ceramic booster spray on top of your coating has proven time and time again to be the best form of protection

Ceramic Coating and Wax: Which is better?

Ceramic coating and wax are sacrificial layers for a vehicle’s paint. They offer the paint surface a glossy sheen and inhibit adhering substances like acid rain.

Ceramic Coating

  • Easier to clean

because ceramic coating has hydrophobic features, water rolls off your automobile. It might help remove dirt and water stains from your car. This hydrophobic property makes it harder for dirt to develop and adhere to the automobile’s exterior. In addition, ceramic coating helps reduce dust accumulation to some degree.

  • Maintain the Cars luster and shine

Ceramic coating’s hydrophobic properties offer your vehicle a gleaming, reflective appearance. The ceramic layers that make your vehicle shimmer and shine in the sunshine resemble a moving mirror! 

  • Increase your vehicle’s resale value.

You may request a higher price when your vehicle is in excellent condition! Ceramic coating is a sensible investment if you want to sell your car in the future since you have preserved the vehicle’s aesthetics. 


  • Natural wax treatments, especially those made with carnauba wax, are the best option for generating a warm glow, enhancing shine, and preserving the paint on any automobile.
  • This thin wax covering will be worn away in weeks or months by the elements, vehicle washes, and frequent use.
  • Wax is excellent for improving the look of a car or truck, but it gives only mild paint protection.

What is the lifespan of Ceramic Coating?

Your ceramic coating will last between two and five years with adequate care and maintenance. Numerous professional ceramic coatings provide a lifetime guarantee.

How to Preserve Ceramic Coating In the best Condition?

To guarantee that your ceramic coating lasts between two and five years, adequate maintenance is required. We will now discuss how you should maintain it.

Allow It to Cure Properly

Ceramic coating requires curing time. It usually takes between two and three weeks. It is crucial to store your car in a secure area during this period. The objective is to prevent bird droppings, pollen, and vast quantities of debris from adhering to the top and baking in. Covered parking will be the best option throughout the drying process.

Maintain a Clean Surface 

Ceramic coating protects your vehicle from water and grime comparable to wax. As with any paint protection, grime and other contaminants may taint the surface and diminish its luster. You should wash your automobile at least once weekly (by hand, if possible) to keep the paint in good condition. 

SB3 Ceramic Coating at Classic Details Auto Spa in Sanford, FL, is the perfect place for providing a sacrificial layer to keep your vehicle in pristine condition! We have state of the art products and highly qualified detailers to make your car shine! Call Classic Details Auto Spa at 407-801-1715 to schedule your time with us!

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