Should you consider ceramic coating your car?

Every day, your car is subjected to pollution, dust, and rain, which can cause wear and tear, and the paint becomes visibly old. To keep the vehicle bright, prevent fading, protect against UV rays and limit the capacity of dust and waterspots sticking to the paint then ceramic coating for cars is considered the ideal choice for you. The following article will give you thorough information to assist you in better grasping the definitions, advantages, and a variety of other aspects of ceramic coating.

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Should you think about getting a ceramic coating for your car?

There are several advantages to ceramic coating for the car in; which the outstanding benefits that need to be mentioned are:

Enhance the look of your cars paint.

When coated with ceramic, car paint has a considerably more incredible shine than ordinary paint. As a result, it may enhance the brightness of the car’s paint surface, making it appear like a mirror from a distance. 

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Anti rainwater and dirt.

Ceramic coating has the property of repelling water. The water will bead and slide effortlessly when it rains instead of adhering to the surface. This trait is also critical for automobile windshields. As a result of the ceramic coating, raindrops will form a stream and then run down swiftly without clinging to the glass, creating a “lotus leaf” effect. On rainy days, this allows the driver to see more clearly.

Protect your car from harmful UV rays

A car is exposed to the sun, wind, rain, and other weather conditions. This directly affects the car’s natural exterior paint by discolouring, cracking even causing the paint to peel. Ceramic coating will help protect the cars paint and cars glass from the influence of solar UV rays, thereby preventing the oxidation of car paint and car glass.

When should ceramic coating be applied?

It depends on the choices of each individual, a ceramic coated should be applied as soon as feasible. The optimal time to apply a ceramic coating on an automobile is immediately after purchase. Because at this time, the car’s paint layer is still new and less damaged, the protection effect will be its highest, limiting the corrosive effects.

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How long does ceramic coating last?

The coating’s longevity may vary depending on the number of coats and the kind of ceramic utilized. The most frequent range is 2 – 5 years. Ceramic coating is recommended to be maintained every two months to ensure its longevity. The ceramic maintenance process is faster than the ceramic coating, generally taking 45 minutes to an hour.

How long does ceramic coating usually take?

Usually, ceramic coating time for cars will be from 1 day to 2 days. The execution time will depend on many factors, such as:

  • The number of coats: The more layers you apply, the longer it will take because the time it takes for the coating to dry is about 1 hour. After about 1 hour, the next coat can be applied when the previous coat is almost fully dry.
  • Vehicle size: a large car will take longer to apply ceramic than a small car.
  • The actual condition of the car: If the paint on the car is new, with few scratches, the coating time will be faster. On the contrary, if the vehicle is scratched a lot, its paint color shows signs of fading, it will take more time to treat the scratches before applying the coating, which will take more time.

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