Does Ceramic Coating Make Your Car Shiny?

Ceramic coating is the ideal technique to make your vehicle stand out and shield it from rain, snow, and other factors. This coating helps ensure your vehicle’s flawless appearance by providing high-gloss finishes resistant to abrasive environments.

With ceramic coating, your automobile will remain clean and bright without waxing. It adheres rapidly, rendering the surface hydrophobic, making your car easier to maintain. Will Ceramic Coating make your car shiny? Does it benefit your vehicle? Read this article about Classic Details Auto Spa in Sanford, FL, to understand how it works!

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What are the benefits of Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings are ideal for adding gloss and luster to a vehicle. Here are some reasons to select a ceramic coating:

Prevent UV Rays

Ceramic coating for automobiles is an excellent way to shield the paint surface from the sun. It will prevent the clear coat from cracking, fading by functioning as a protective barrier against UV radiation!

Protect from environmental pollutants

The acidic nature of bird droppings and tree sap causes damage to a car’s clear coat. Similarly, if mud is kept in direct sunshine for too long, it becomes baked into the paint. The best option is to use ceramic coatings, which will fuse during installation to form an undetectable sacrificial barrier.

Hydrophobic Characteristics

Ceramic coatings resist water the most effectively. Ceramic coatings are more lasting, more substantial, and astoundingly hydrophobic on a coated automobile! Water will form beads on these surfaces, and will capture dirt as they travel away – this coating ensures that your vehicle’s paint is cleaned every time it rains.

What Are The Differences Between Ceramic Coating, Wax, and Sealant?


Wax is composed of naturally occurring elements. Wax is available in paste, liquid, and spray forms. Carnauba waxes often provide more protection than sealants, although they do not last as long. Wax typically lasts three to eight weeks.


Sealants are polymers that link with the clear coat to form a protective layer. Sealants are intended to give additional resistance to prevent pollutants from embedding in paint. It also provides the paint with crisper and glossier reflections. Sealants are also available in paste, liquid, and spray forms. Sealants are meant to adhere to your paint and give protection for about three to six months.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coatings are intended to be long-lasting and offer protection over time. Ceramic coatings chemically adhere to the surface, forming a substantial protective barrier. The coating may protect against oxidation, UV damage, and etching. Additionally, these coatings will produce a high degree of gloss and luster! Typically, ceramic coatings come in liquid or spray form. Ceramic coating lasts between two and five years!

SB3 Ceramic Coating at Classic Details Auto Spa in Sanford, FL, is the perfect option for protecting your vehicle! Contact Classic Details Auto Spa to make an appointment with us via 407-801-1715 to schedule your time!

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