How Often Should You Wash A Ceramic Coated Car?

Your car has been coated with ceramic, but you do not know how to maintain it. The important thing is that you don’t know if you can wash your car often or not. In this article, Classic Details Auto Spa will answer that question. We will also give you some tips to maintain the Ceramic Coating.

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When does your car need to be washed after a ceramic coating is applied?

According to experts, the advice in this regard is about once every 1-2 weeks. Environmental materials chip away at the ceramic covering without being washed regularly, causing it to lose its hydrophobicity over time. Washing helps protect and maintain your ceramic coating, that is why you should wash your car every 1-2 weeks. In addition, this will help to avoid the excessive build-up of contaminants. Even if you use a car cover on the vehicle, remember that car covers collect dust, penetrating underneath at microscopic levels.

Does ceramic coating really benefit your car?

The answer is actually yes. Ceramic coating gives you many benefits that you may not have expected. You would probably give your car a ceramic coating right away if you already know the benefits.

Easy to clean

Ceramic coating helps prevent your car’s paint surface from collecting dust from the surrounding environment. They can still cling but in small amounts. Therefore, cleaning the car will also be easier for you.

A sparkling car

Ceramic can give your car’s exterior surface an outstanding shine. You will be overwhelmed with that sparkle, and it looks like a perfectly cleaned mirror. Ceramic coating is also capable of increasing the aesthetics of your car significantly.

Increased durability

Thanks to its hydrophobic properties, ceramic can extend the life of the vehicle’s original paintwork. It helps to increase the durability of the paint and exterior under external influences such as dirt, dirty water, acid rain, and more.

Some tips for maintaining Ceramic Coatings

A high-quality ceramic layer will not be able to reach its full potential if you do not take care of it and maintain it properly. Here are some tips to make it easy to maintain the best ceramic finish possible.

Use the method “2 buckets” to wash your car.

The “2 buckets” method is best known for the car wash process. It can limit cross-contamination.

Do not wash your car under direct sunlight.

Washing your vehicle in the sun or the heat can cause the cleaning product to dry before you can wash it off. Washing the car in direct sunlight causes the ceramic layer to wear out quickly. We recommend washing your car early in the morning or in the afternoon. Alternatively, you could wash your vehicle in your garage, carport, or another shaded area.

Use a shampoo with neutral pH.

You should not use soaps with a pH that is too high because it will destroy the inherent effect of the ceramic layer. 

Use microfiber cloths

During the car drying process, you should use microfiber cloths. It is a special fiber material with high smoothness and softness. Using it, you can avoid leaving scratches and swirls during the drying process on the car’s surface.

If you are looking for a reputable place to apply the ceramic coating, Classic Details Auto Spa is the answer. Expertly-trained staff and modern equipment, Classic Details Auto Spa at 712 W Lake Mary Blvd, Sanford, FL, call us today at 407-801-1715 to make an appointment.

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