Does Ceramic Coating Mean You Never Have To Wash Your Car?

Ceramic coating is the perfect choice for preserving the car’s appearance throughout its lifetime. Ceramic coating will limit the contamination with hydrophobic features! But does ceramic coating mean you never have to wash your car? Is that right or wrong? Let’s find out the truth about ceramic coating with Classic Details Auto Spa!

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Everything you should know about ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings are the world’s most sophisticated paint protective coating method. This technique is a liquid quartz-based protective coating applied to the outside of a car. It is used by hand and forms a protective coating for your car’s paint, providing an additional layer of hydrophobic protection. Ceramic coatings protect the paint against hazardous environmental pollutants and scratches generated by minor physical friction by establishing a solid bonding film.

Ceramic coatings will be an excellent choice for your vehicle because:

UV protection for your vehicle

Because constant exposure to the sun is unavoidable, the car’s paint might oxidize over time, resulting in peeling, dulling, and progressively fading. Ceramic coating protects your vehicle from the sun’s UV radiation, reducing automobile paint oxidation.

Simple to clean.

A ceramic coating also makes washing your vehicle much easier. Because dirt and debris do not adhere to the coated surface, you will spend less time washing and cleaning thanks to its hydrophobic properties.

Is it true that having a ceramic coating on your car reduces the need to wash it?

Ceramic coating is a tried and true option. However, it should not be expected that you will not need to wash the vehicle regularly. Contaminants that are left behind might still attach to the coated surface. A good car wash every two weeks is suggested to keep the coating in excellent condition.

To extend the benefits of ceramic coating, what should we do?

To maintain your coated ceramic in pristine condition, you should use the proper care to enhance the car’s luster. Three tips to help you preserve your Ceramic coated car.

  • If your car has been ceramic coated, you should wash it every two weeks. It will help remove any impurities that the ceramic coating’s hydrophobic characteristics do not remove and will help to avoid water stains.
  • If you do not use the two bucket handwashing method, you will contaminate your car shampoo. Swirl marks are reduced, and hand wash results are great when using the two-bucket approach. When washing a car with two buckets, it will eliminate water stains and keep heavy pollutants away.
  • Washing your automobile in the sun may damage the paint. To avoid water stains, clean your car undercover or in a significantly shaded outdoor location. To protect the coated car, you should wash the car in the early morning or late at night.

Where can we find a trustworthy business for ceramic coating?

We offer multiple packages for ceramic coating which meet customers needs and provide top quality of service!

At Classic Details Auto Spa in Sanford, FL, we offer:

  • One year coating
  • Three years coating
  • Five years coating
  • Seven years coating

Our ceramic coating in Sanford, FL, will protect your vehicle’s paint. Ceramic coating is the most effective approach to protect your vehicle’s finish. Our coatings are professionally applied and keep your automobile looking fresh for years. Make an appointment today, and let us show you how stunning your vehicle can be! You can also phone us at 407-801-1715!

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